Family Counselling (Child Protection) Project

Fobzu project helped children achieve their potential.  "We see people in our work place that need a lot more than money or food ration…They need us to help them sort out their marital problems, children’s behavioural problems and stress...."

Fobzu worked with our partners at the Centre for Continuing Education in Ramallah on a  project that provided much needed professional skills to 20 counsellors, and social workers that helped families to cope better. thereby helpling children to achieve their potential. Approximately 600 children and 140 adults benefitted from appropriate support by the counsellors. The participants who completed the training stated that they “were much better equipped and able to help these families”.

The cases that the trainees dealt with included a 10-year-old girl who had suffered from incontinence  after witnessing the traumatic Israeli invasion of her town when she was 4-years-old. As a result of the intervention by one of the trainees the girl is recovering.

The trainees showed a strong commitment and desire to learn that impressed all. Despite all the difficulties they faced, including redundancy, they continued with their work on the course and in the field providing families with support and assistance.