Alumni comments....

On the face of it, the life of a Palestinian student at Birzeit bears many similarities with that of a student in the UK.  Student life has universal challenges, whether in the UK or Palestine. Recently, when asked about university life, Birzeit Alumni commented on extraordinarily similar issues. 

They share ideas of things they’d like to change: better communication between students and tutors, more labs, newer teaching techniques, and even complain about cafeteria food!  Whatever side of the world a student might come from, it’s easy to see how they all share the same ordinary experiences. 

But the similarities stop here.  The university life of Birzeit students includes dealing with soldiers’ unreasonable behaviour and, maybe, having to miss classes because you’re not allowed through the checkpoint.  Classes may be cancelled because the lecturer was stopped at the barrier for no obvious reason. Not many of us have to deal with the frustrations of living in Occupied Territories, not to mention coping with the grief, loss and oppression, so common in their lives.

See for yourself!

An observation shared by a recent graduate at Birzeit University, shows how social activities evolve when students move from being a fresher to a final year student.