Palestinian students give Gaza a voice

Ten Palestinian students joined 390 other youth leaders at the Youth Preparatory Event for the 4th UN Alliance of Civilisation (UNAOC) Forum held in Doha, Qatar held on the 11 – 13 December, 2011. This event, an innovative feature of the UNAOC forum, focusing on the role of youth in the world today and as the leaders of tomorrow. Palestinian students present at the event called for involving young people in the decision making process and for gearing education towards encouraging dialogue and cross-cultural communication.

by qatar4unaoc

Palestinian students have to overcome great challenges to be able to attend the forum, including navigating through a stifling blockade. Al Fakhoora, an international campaign for education, helped the students to travel to Doha to make their voices heard.  One of the students said that the difficulties were “definitely worth it” and that it was amazing to meet people who care about what they go through. The students also attended sessions throughout the forum ad participated in a lab session, “Communication Works For Those Who Work At It” featuring a live conversation with student from Pennsylvania State University.