UK students learn about struggles in West Bank

Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) has shown its solidarity by setting up a Masters’ scholarship for a Birzeit graduate to study at Edinburgh University for a year. This is part of an awareness raising campaign of the barriers faced by Palestinian education due to the Occupation. Recently, as part of the International Right to Education campaign, students at Edinburgh University showed their passion for this cause by setting up a video conference with students from Birzeit University.

Four students from Birzeit participated in this video conference enabling Edinburgh students to learn about the struggles of being a student in the West Bank. The two groups of student talked about student life in Palestine and how it can be improved. It is hoped that this video conference will strengthen the relationship between these two universities and their students, and will ultimately help to promote the Right to Education campaign outside Palestine.

In 2005, EUSA passed a motion to twin with Birzeit University Student Council. This agreement between the two student associations allowed EUSA to show their support towards Palestinian student struggling to access their basic human right: education.

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