Israeli troops raid university campus near Ramallah

Israeli troops raided two TV stations near Ramallah before dawn on the 29th of February, one of which was the Al-Quds Educational TV Station (AQTV), owned by Al-Quds University. Reports state that at 3.30 am in the morning, two Israeli jeeps pulled up outside the campus and broke into the campus when the university guard refused to let them in. Threatening the guard, they were led to the station where they broke down the door and tore out the internet cables and caused other damages as well as seizing the television transmitter.

Established in 1996, the AQTV is aimed at promoting well-being in Palestinian society. Many of its programmes have educational themes targeting children. It also broadcasts lectures from the university and produces films for public awareness. This invasion of the university campus and station and illegal seizure of university property violates the basic freedom of the right of education to Al-Quds University students and the Palestinian society as a whole.  It is also a clear breach of the Oslo peace accords between the Palestinians and Israelis; despite Ramallah being part of the Palestinian self-rule areas, routine raids by Israeli authorities are still carried out in the region.

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